Asking for Help

So, I’m assuming I’m like many of you & don’t like to ask others for help.  I like to pretend like I’m strong & independent & can do anything by myself.  I don’t like to burden or bother other people.  I’m not sure why I think I am burdening people when I ask for help, because in reality I really like to help others, so I’m sure a lot of you do as well. 

We were talking about this very topic the other night at a Jewel Kade team meeting.  We were discussing wanting to grow in our businesses & what it takes to do that.  It’s been on my heart ever since.  I need to ask for help!  What keeps me from asking is that I don’t want to look weak or like I’m failing at what I do.  But, somethings got to change & I need your help to do it!  I need to put aside my pride & just ask for help.

I absolutely love Jewel Kade & it’s been a huge blessing in my life. 
I love the jewelry

I love the canvases

I love the sisterhood that is amongst my fellow stylists. 
I love how personal our products are. 
I love how it speaks to people’s hearts. 
I love how it shows individual personalities. 
I love that it’s hand made. 
I love being able to use this business to give back to others.
And, I love spoiling my hostesses with free jewelry!

So this is where I need to ask for help 😀 

I really feel like this is where the Lord has me right now, but I’m needing your help to continue doing what I love!  I need to get some parties booked again & ask that you would consider hosting a party!  Or let me know of other people who would want to host!  I promise, I don’t expect my hosts to buy anything – I just really appreciate you gathering your family & girlfriends together so that I can share my passion for this awesome company!  It’s still so new to MN & the US in general, that we’re still working on getting our name out there & showering women in this gorgeous, timeless jewelry! 

Do you feel like you might be interested in helping me out?!  Let me know when you’re available & we’ll get something on the calendar!  Don’t feel like you want to have people over to your house or live too far away from me?  How about doing a book party?!  Or, are you doing a fundraiser of some sort?  I do those too & will donate a portion of my profits to your fundraiser 🙂  Like I said, I love being able to give back!! 

Just let me know!

Thank you so much in advance! 


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